Mike Trier

1. Counselling Couples

I have been counselling couples since 2006. My approach is to provide couples with a safe space where each partner can put their points of view, however different they may be from each other's. My role is to help partners to communicate with each other more effectively, without taking sides, whatever issues are brought.

We can look at communication patterns together and see where improvements can be made; sometimes I recommend communication exercises to try out at home.

We are an action orientated society; sometimes I suggest delaying decisions and action to give time for feelings to be expressed and heard.

2. Counselling individual adults

Individuals choose counselling for a variety of reasons: sometimes a crisis brings them; sometimes they want to explore certain aspects of their lives; sometimes they have specific changes they want to introduce.

Whatever you choose to bring, I will be there to understand and support you.

3. Counselling young people

I have counselled young people aged 12 to 25 in five different agencies supporting young people, so I am experienced with the range and depth of issues that they bring.

Sometimes parents want to arrange counselling for their children with me. I always insist that the counselling takes place with the young person, without their parents present, and without me reporting to the parents on any aspects of the work, unless the young client gives permission.

4. Supervising counsellors

I trained at Temenos as a Person Centred counsellor and later as a Person Centred supervisor. I am BACP accredited. My approach to supervision is to trust that you are a competent practitioner, and to let you choose what you want to bring to supervision, and how you want to process this. Where relevant, we can discuss theory and sometimes I offer case work from my own experience.

I have successfully supported some supervisees through their Diploma training, and others through the BACP accreditation process.

5. Facilitating workshops

I have offered a range of workshops and training to adults, practitioners and young people: eg introduction to counselling, working with anger, peer listening, couples counselling etc.

6. Producing films

In conjunction with CVC (Community, Video and Counselling) I have produced short films, mainly supporting counselling training, but some more family orientated, such as weddings and explorations of the past.

7. Fees

I usually charge £50 for an hour long session. For potential clients who are low or unwaged, I can negotiate discounts.